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Each exercise is specifically tailored to your needs and goals.
We allow your body to dictate what exercises should be chosen for maximum results.


We focus on the cause of pain by testing, correcting
and maintaining the ability for muscles to fire optimally.

reTHINK Exercise

Exercises should have everything to do with YOU and less on the choreographed motion and a bunch of rules of the “exercise”. Results happen when there is constant modification and progression of the exercise to what is appropriate for your body’s current status.

We do GYM like no one else. It is YOUR Squat, YOUR Pushup…Find YOUR workout style.

Personal Training

One-on-One. Semi-Private.

Experience exercise as it should be. Every workout session is based on what your body can do and the goal of every session is to get your weakest muscles strong because you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

Every session is based on Your needs and Your goals and not based on the latest trends.

Muscle Activation Technique

MAT® is a powerful muscular assessment tool that analyzes and corrects muscular imbalances. We focus on the cause of pain by testing, correcting and maintaining the ability for muscles to fire optimally.

MAT® has allowed us to help people of all ages, from rehab to improving athletic performance.


UNLIMITED Group Training.

20 classes weekly available.

Classes are only 30 mins so that you can fit it in your schedule easily. We’re all about efficiency 😉

Voted Best Fitness Centre

by the Community of Richmond Hill’s Readers Choice Award

What Others Have To Say…

Jenny has been with me through thick and thin (literally!), and is always encouraging. She has helped me keep my eye on the ball and the best part is that she tailors programs for your situation and goals at any point in time.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. She creates programs where you can see how much better you’re getting over time, yet also changes things up regularly so that you don’t get bored. In terms of results, I am now stronger than I’ve ever been and was able to take off about 20 pounds and two dress sizes in 4 months

Marlene Chen

I have been working with Damian for about three months now and I have seen fantastic results. I have never been as fit in my life as I am at 43! Thanks Parallel Fitness! 

Alyssa Black

First Hand Experience With them and it has been an awesome one! Jenny and Damian are both knowledgeable and experienced trainers! They really care and they customize their training to suite you! I refer them with confidence! Ari Zadegan

3 days ago
Failing Forward

TBT to my first video last year about the holiday "blues".
If you're feeling guilty, frustrated about letting go a little bit more than you wanted over the holidays and you're beating yourself up ... See more

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