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Hello all!


Omg I am beyond excited to launch my first ever 30 DAY FLAT BELLY CHALLENGE!
This is going to be one of a kind at Parallel Fitness! Because we have yet to bring our motivation to that level and we will BRING IT ON in this 30 day challenge!

-Are you tired of feeling bloated after a meal?
-Are you looking to fit better into your fav pair of jeans?
-Are you looking for motivation to get back on track with your health goals?
-Are you having a hard time trying to fit in your “cardio” sessions?

This program might just be for YOU!

What you will get?
-UNLIMITED access to 30 min small group PT sessions
-Full body workouts. No! flat belly doesn’t mean only abdominal exercises!
-30 Day meal plan that will improve digestion and decrease bloating
-We will go over ways to break your worst habits that are sabotaging your results
-Coaching on how to deal with your cravings

-March 1st for 30 days
-Sessions will be at 2pm Mon-Fri

How much?
Early bird pricing until feb 23rd at midnight:
Pay $197 only instead of $320.

The only catch is I am only taking on 12 LADIES! Because I want to make sure that everybody gets plenty of attention and the best experience. So hurry up, take action!

I am 200% committed to helping you lose inches off your stomach, all you need to do is show up and do the work. So if you want fast fat burn, and a better looking mid section in only 30 days, and if you’re not afraid of a little hard work and can put in 3-5 days per week for just four weeks then this may be the program for you.

I will be delivering my best workouts and I’m going all out! Will you?

Email me at or call 416-509-4740 to reserve your spot!