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We offer different personal training programs based on your needs as well as a periodization plan that allows our trainer to keep you on track and adjust your workouts accordingly:

You are looking for Results

You have a goal and there is nothing standing between you and your perfect body. You have the commitment and we have the knowledge and experience to make it happen. Train three times a week with our trainer who will closely monitor and progress not only each workout but even each exercise! There is no reason why you can’t achieve the results you desire!

You are looking for Motivation

You are always busy and find it hard to get to the gym. You keep paying a membership to your local gym as an illusion that you are doing something about your inactivity and decrease in health. We have a better solution for you. Train twice a week with our trainer and train once on your own with our InHome workout program or take our program and train at your current health centre. Our trainer will provide you with the program that you need to complete and keep you accountable to your goals.

You are looking for Education

You are an independent person, taking all your projects to the end. Your next project is to get healthy and fit. However, you are not sure how to start your exercise program or you might have hit a plateau and you are looking for ways to take it to the next level. Train once a week with our trainer and get all the education about your body and how to choose exercises appropriate for your body needs and goals. Our trainer will strategically progress your workouts every time you train together and will equip you with your InHome workout program to do on your own.

You need rehabilitation

You have had an injury that you are still recovering from or you have not been able to get back to your activity level prior to an injury. You are still recovering from an injury or you have not been able to achieve the same level of activity since your injury. With our Muscle Activation Techniques™ session, we assess and evaluate range of motion which indicates where potential weaknesses are. These muscular weaknesses are then treated via MAT™ treatments and strengthened via Isometrics and Exercise designed to restore balance, reduce stiffness, and diminish pain at a given joint.

You need help with Nutrition

We also have personalized nutrition plans available, that uses a holistic approach to formulate a plan that is uniquely based on your lifestyle and what you want to accomplish through healthy eating. Our nutritionist will guide you to learn what to eat and why and will not only design your diet plan but also help you implement it into your busy schedule.