Your living room workouts need an upgrade?

Get a new trainer picked equipment kit at your doorsteps every month. Workout with us online, feel energized, pain free and still have time to sip your coffee with a book (or get on that next zoom meeting)


Don’t just believe us, come FEEL what exercise should really be.
Come experience your body as it moves better and faster.

Now available ONLINE!


Workouts don't need to be hard to heap results.

But they do need to be specifically designed to YOUR body! 


No more guessing which muscles are weak and why your efforts to rehab aren't sustainable.

MAT allows us to get to the root of why there's stiffness, pain and


reTHINK Exercise
Exercises should have everything to do with YOU and less on the choreographed motion and a bunch of rules of the “exercise”. Results happen when there is constant modification and progression of the exercise to what is appropriate for your body’s current status.

We do GYM like no one else. It is YOUR Squat, YOUR Pushup…Find YOUR workout style.

Personal Training


In Person or Online NOW AVAILABLE! (NEW)

Not a fan of intimidating environment where you’ve gotta prove to the group that you can sweat and push just as much? Are you more for the safe and supportive style? 

We’ve got you; all eyes on YOU! Instead of trying to fit you into the trendiest workouts, we fix the exercises to fit YOUR body. What does that mean? That the exercises would feel right (finally!). You won’t just be going through the motions thinking about dinner cos it’s so painful or boring. Instead, you might enjoy the workout! And definitely love the results!




Muscle Activation Technique

Have you been feeling that your body is off tune lately (or for a while)? Despite your attempts to exercise to strengthen your muscles, you actually feel worse after?

 Don’t worry, it’s not even your fault! It’s that some muscles are off tune (not firing well anymore) and when they’re off, you end up having to play a whole song on just 4 of the 6 strings of a guitar. Totally doable but it just doesn’t sound the same.

 If you were that guitar, MAT would be the tune corrector. Actually better than that, with MAT we can actually figure out exactly which muscles aren’t firing well and reconnect them to your brain. And better yet, every time you get off tune, you’ll learn how to auto correct on your own! 








Virtual Training

Not ready to hit the gym yet? No problem!

A 3 months online training program in the comfort of your home. Whether you’re looking to get healthy, build strength or becoming pain free, doing the right moves in the right way and making them work for you is key- and it’s achievable in 30 mins, 3 times a week.

We want you to workout like YOU. So we’re not just helping you workout in real time but we’re also teaching you the science behind resistance training and how it applies to your body. You’ll be like your own trainer! After 12 weeks you won’t need us anymore, unless of course, you want to stay!


Voted Best Fitness Centre

by the Community of Richmond Hill’s Readers Choice Award
What Others Have To Say…
Jenny has been with me through thick and thin (literally!), and is always encouraging. She has helped me keep my eye on the ball and the best part is that she tailors programs for your situation and goals at any point in time.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. She creates programs where you can see how much better you’re getting over time, yet also changes things up regularly so that you don’t get bored. In terms of results, I am now stronger than I’ve ever been and was able to take off about 20 pounds and two dress sizes in 4 months

Marlene Chen

I have been working with Damian for about three months now and I have seen fantastic results. I have never been as fit in my life as I am at 43! Thanks Parallel Fitness!
Alyssa Black

First Hand Experience With them and it has been an awesome one! Jenny and Damian are both knowledgeable and experienced trainers! They really care and they customize their training to suite you! I refer them with confidence!
Ari Zadegan


120 Newkirk Rd (unit 11)
Richmond Hill L4C9S7.

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