It’s been 2 months already and we are seeing amazing results with Elizabeth. Abs are coming out, she is feeling stronger and more determined to change her life for the better!

In numbers, we have lost a total of:
-4.5in from the belly
-1.5in from the waist
-1.75in from the hip
AND lost almost 4% body fat

It’s been really fun and rewarding to see her hard work pay off. It wasn’t all perfect and easy from day 1. We have had some low times, when she started questionning it all and getting discouraged when she was hitting a plateau and not seeing the weight come down. But we started working with our great nutritionist who gave her meal plan a new look and here we are today.

Remember, when you feel like stopping, don’t give up! The moment you are ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens..

I’m very excited to have you read up on how this whole journey has been for Elizabeth so far. If you have more questions for us, find us on facebook. We would love to hear your comments and questions:)

Tell us how you feel? 
I feel great.  The removal of wheat from my diet has been amazing.  I have so much energy and rarely feel hungry.

You thought it wasn’t possible but you lost 1.75in from your hips, are you excited about that? 
Very pleased.  This has always been my problem area.  Exercise alone is not the key for me when it comes to trimming down my hips.  A change in diet is what I really needed.  Not that I didn’t eat healthy prior to now.  I just needed a kick start with my metabolism.

How did you keep yourself motivated throughout this journey? 
I’m really doing this for the long term as I want to stay as healthy as I possibly can as I get older.  Also, knowing that I’m going to drop down another dress size doesn’t hurt.

How do you manage work, exercise and eating healthy? I mean you are a busy woman!!! 
It’s all about  planning ahead and being organized with your menu plan.  I’m committed to reaching my goal of losing 7% body fat and know that if I deviate from my plan, it will just delay reaching my goal.

How has training and nutrition been different from before?  
I’m seeing more results from removing wheat from my diet and we are increasing weight training.

Your transformation is very inspiring, How has your health and fitness habits so far changed people around you?
People have started noticing that I’m becoming more fit and have asked what my secret is.  It’s no secret.  Just the motivation to become healthier and more fit.  Talking about my results and how I feel has motivated a couple of people I know to try the Paleo plan and they have seen results as well.

Has your view on health and fitness changed? 
It has changed over the past several years.  As I see more results with becoming more fit, it motivates me to try and reach another goal. You have to want it and when you see the results, you never want to go back.  I have been regularly working out for a couple of years now but the turning point was changing my diet and adopting the paleo plan.

What piece of advice would you give to others out there trying to follow your path? 
Never give up.  Even if you plateau (and I have many times), it’s temporary.  You can also cheat but remember that you can’t cheat all the time as you will not see results.

What’s your daily ritual that helps you stay motivated, dedicated and consistent?

Planning the night before.  Making sure I know what I’m going to eat at every meal and preparing for it so I don’t have to make any last minute decisions.  THis may not work well if you have to go out for a meal.  So when I am out, I still try to stick to my plan as much as possible.  If I can’t, it’s only one meal.

Any other comments?  
Life is not perfect.  We have good days and bad days, setbacks, work and family stresses that tend to challenge us on a regular basis.  Healthy eating a regular fitness program will allow your body to be stronger and keep pace with life’s stresses.