When it comes to exercise, we have been brought to think that the more you do, the greater the results you will achieve. We have also taken it to the next level when we think there is no gain without pain such that injuries are a normal result of leading an active lifestyle. Somehow, in our quest for better and faster, we have lost the very notion of health. When we spend more time recovering than enjoying the benefits of exercise, we need to rethink our approach.

Change the approach for a better response

There is a way to achieve your goals with less pain and injuries.

“When we work in sync with the body, the latter enjoys a pain free adaptation with healthiest force on the joint.”Jacques Henri taylor

Visualize yourself canoeing along a river. Going upstream requires more effort and sometimes feel like no matter how hard you are paddling, you are not moving fast enough. However, put the same canoe in the opposite direction, going with the flow of the river downstream. Nature takes its course and allows you to enjoy the ride down the river.
In the event when it is imperative for you to go upstream, changing your tools might make your journey easier and more productive. While a canoe might make it harder to go against the stream, a kayak is better designed to adapt to the water. Different tools work for different purposes at different times.

The same thing applies to the body. Work with it, not against it. Listen to your body and don’t over do it. Negotiate with it and witness it’s progression and long lasting results.