The idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to many, yet we want a long life! The negative changes that we associate with aging can be curbed by leading a healthy lifestyle.


We all know that exercise helps with a better aging yet we think oh it’s too late to exercise and allow ourselves to get intimidated by fitness in general.

Even if we know the physical and mental benefits of exercise, feeling tight overall might not help someone think that movement can help at all. However if you’ve experienced let’s say practicing sitting down on a chair by doing just a quarter of the range of motion a couple of times, then increasing the range to half way down to the seat for a couple more reps and then finally going for the full sit, it will tend to feel easier to sit down. Right?! So if done properly and with the right intension and focus, exercise can and will make your body feel more flexible and young again 🙂 Tightness happens from not moving and muscles being weak and will only get better if we get past the discomfort and doing just enough to wake up the appropriate muscles before feeling fluid and movement becoming easier and more natural. Then, it’s much easier to even contemplate an exercise program. So, all that was to say, just get started because if you don’t it will only get harder…

Here’s 3 things we would suggest to just get started: 

  1. Do something you like. A small walk around the house or around the block. Consistency is key and once you get into the habit of going out, you actually look forward to moving. Maybe use a reward system to get that pattern going:)
  2. Listen to your body always. Some days will be harder to move and as long as we adjust the motions or the time of the exercise plan BUT maintain the consistency of still doing the exercise, you will have still done something good for your body.
  3. Always focus on what muscles you’re working on.




If you’re looking to get your parents started on a healthier life, or if you want a healthier life, we’ve got more than a few success stories to share over coffee. Message us to get started 🙂

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