With so much information out there, it’s not only confusing but difficult to find valid material. Where do we start looking? Who do we listen to? And in the end, how do we know if we are making the right choice?

Do your own research, educate yourself. Understand how exercise became about in the first place. What it is. Why we do it. How to do it.
Go back to the simple stuff before attempting to understand the more complicated stuff. Reality is there are many people out there trying to come up with the newest, most innovative idea about exercise; the new fad diet, the new fad workout. Some work, others are unfortunately too good to be true or miss the whole point of exercise.

As you prepare your plan to a healthier lifestyle, keep in mind why you wanted to exercise in the first place.

Be it to get more energy for work or to play with the kids
To perform better, to jump higher, to run faster.
To feel good and sexy
To live longer to see your grand grand kids.
To leave a legacy behind that doesn’t involve only monetary values but something else, something more.

Understand the goal of each exercise and how it relates to the overall plan as you create the sought after workout program.