Little throwback to our 30 Day challenge where we put cash on the line to lose weight!

“Living a healthy lifestyle is vital to me as I want to be around as long as possible for my family. The challenge helped me elevate my game even further because i’m a competitive person by nature. Having played high-level sports most of my life, i’m accustomed to competition narrowing my focus on the goals.” Denise 

“Over a year ago, I went through a 3-month lean transformation and had amazing results. Since then I have maintained. While already having a clean diet, the stress of work and a long commute each day, I needed something to get me motivated once again. This challenge gave me another kick start. Sometimes it just takes a little competition to get you going. My congratulations to all the participants for their amazing results!” Elizabeth 

“Parallel Fitness is not a regular fitness place where people just go there to exercise, it is a place where you are welcome and where you are treated like a nice human being . One day I saw a sign on a street and I was curious to see what it was all about. Damian received me and made me feel good right away. He explained how the training worked and I liked it, so I decided to try.
I thought the challenge would be fun to try. So a few of us put $30 down, and here we are trying to lose 4% in one month.
How I did it, to be honest with you, I don’t even know myself! What I know for sure is that Jenny took good care of me, she understood my limits right away and she worked hard to give me exercises that will fit my body and my goals. I came to work out 3 times a week in a nice and friendly environment and I will say that I almost became addicted to do these exercises. I noticed after just couple of weeks, that my posture was much better and that my strength has increased as well. I feel great when I get out of there, and I am not even sore the next day. I also have to say that I met with Claudia their dietitian, she give me great tips that I try to apply on my daily life. The combination of all these helped me lose a little more than 4% in one month. Wow, I am even surprised myself. Thanks for a terrific team, it is not a one person effort, it is a team work at Parallel Fitness.” Patricia
“I entered into the 30 Day challenge in hopes that it would give me the push I needed to get back on track with healthy eating and working out. I didn’t expect to win but I would attribute my success to a culmination of small but good choices throughout the day. I was not unrealistic with my expectation and my eating. I stayed focus in my commitment to staying healthy and it worked. I lost a little over my 4% goal in a month.” Quinn 

The 30 Day Challenge is over and we are so proud of the results by all our clients!

So four out of eight ladies made it to their goal of losing 4% of the total waist + hip measurement! (and won $60 or a $30 profit)

Here are the RESULTS:

Denise lost 4.25in (her goal was to lose 2.91in)
Patricia lost 4in (her goal was to lose 3.35in)
Elizabeth lost 3.50in (her goal was to lose 2.73in)
Quinn lost 3.25in (her goal was to lose 2.70in)

When you put your mind into it, nothing gets in the way.

Congrats to you all as everybody got results and deserve a good shout out! Besides inches lost, we have been able to get motivated and start believing that change is possible when it starts from the inside.