If you google running to understand if that’s the right thing for you to do, you end up being more confused than ever.
Just like any other fitness topics, running receives a lot of controversial thoughts. Some swear by the numerous health benefits to the body, mind and spirit including (in no particular order)
– Preventing diseases
– Decreasing Blood Pressure
– Lowering Blood Cholesterol
– Decreasing risk of cancer, heart attack, diabetes, osteoporosis
– Relieving stress
– Eliminating depression
– Doing wonders for your mood
– Boosting the immune system
– Increasing mental alertness; you’ll feel more focused and able to better enjoy life
– Helping weight loss and weight maintenance
– oh and the infamous Runners high!

On the other hand, others are quick to argue that running, especially long distance running will take a toll on your joints and eventually cause injuries. Numerous stories of athletes injuring themselves or incidents happening during running events are all over the media.

While all of the above is true to a certain extent, it is only true within context. What are the authors perception of running? Are they doing intervals, sprints or marathon running? Are they only running and not cross training? Are they properly warming up and getting their joints ready? Are they eating right? The contexts are different and numerous and in fact, changes everything.

In the end, running is an inexpensive and versatile option. The only way to know if running is right for you is to just go for a short run (or walk). It will give you the confidence that exercise isn’t that bad after all and you’ll start understanding how your body works and how it reacts to exercise. You’ll be happy to find out that spending energy on the road ends up giving you more energy to spend throughout the day at home or at work.The distance or the duration of the run doesn’t matter so much in the beginning. So do something. Something is always better than nothing..Once you get out there the possibilities are endless. When the road is open 24/7 and it’s not a finance or time issue, get the right attitude on and get walking, jogging or running.

If you’re still unsure about this, come join us Tuesdays at 7pm for walk or Fridays at 9am at Parallel Fitness Studio for our FREE RUN/WALK group program. Check our post on “You don’t need a gym to get started” for more details.