One month into it, Elizabeth Smith has lost 2% body fat. (We use the Tanita BC1500 machine that calculates body fat percentage). In details, she lost an overall 2.75in from her belly, 1in from the waist, .75in form the hips, 1in from the thighs and 2.5in from the shoulders. WOW!!!!

So how does she do it??
Well, you’ve heard about her diet, now you can check what Elizabeth’s weight training involves.
This whole month was about recovery and the re-introduction of exercises.
With Muscle Activation Techniques, we made sure that her body was prepared for exercise by addressing her weaker muscles. (very, very important if you want better results and no injuries in the long run)
The process goes pretty much like this:
-An extensive overall range of motion check gives us an indication where there is potential underlying weakness and thus what we need to focus on.
-Once the range of motion deficit is identified, we work to test the muscles’ ability to fire up on demand and use palpations to jumpstart their communication with the brain so that they can fire up and participate in any movement needed in day to day activities. Then we check our work by testing the muscle again.
-To reinforce the palpations, we worked with different isometric exercises especially with her abdominals muscles since they went through a lot of trauma during surgery.
The overall goal, other than getting her muscles to work better, was to provide a better environment for her body to heal faster. When there is more overall muscular balance, the body functions more efficiently and as a result performance is improved. And that’s exactly what we saw consistently with her cardio workouts as she shaves minutes off her 5km walk each week.

Besides her cardiovascular training, the first two weeks we worked on slowly increasing her tolerance to more body weight exercises and by the 3rd week, we started doing body splits workout to start stimulating more muscles, more often.

Monday: Legs
Cable leg extension
Hamstring bridge
1 leg squat
Hip lunges

Tuesday: Chest and Back
Cable chest fly
Chin ups assisted
Chest incline Dumbell press
Wide grip pull downs
One arm seated row

Wednesday: Off

Thursday:Glutes, Hip and Abs
Isometrics in abduction and adduction
Cable hip Lunges
Reverse lower back extension
Glut extension and abduction
Abdominal isometrics and crunches when she feels great

Friday: Chest, Back and Arms
Incline Chest cable fly
Chest dumbell press
Wide grip chin ups
Narrow grip pull down
Tricep pull down
Bicep cable curl
Lateral shoulder raises

Sat and Sunday: Cardio days- treadmill, stairmaster and bike

Can’t wait for Elizabeth to get back from her work trip so we can get back on track. Check back with us to see the highs and lows of staying on track when you are away from home!

Disclaimer: This split program was intentionally and strategically designed for Elizabeth based on her goals, body structure and history of injuries and is NOT appropriate for everyone. To get yours, call us:)