This week’s blog is from our hardworking client Anchel Krishna whose dedication is inspiring! See for yourself 🙂 :

My story is pretty similar to a lot of you moms out there.

I had a beautiful daughter just over two years ago. And though I tried to lose the baby weight, so many things got in the way:
-Sleepless nights
-Adjusting to being a parent
-A busy schedule
-Food – though I’ve always had a sweet tooth, after the pregnancy I love salty things too!
-Access to my pantry around the clock
-Injuries from carrying around the extra baby weight
The list of excuses is endless. And I had an extra one to use when I didn’t want to exercise or eat well: my daughter was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy just before she turned one. Cerebral Palsy is a neurological condition that makes it difficult for her brain to communicate with her muscles. Sitting, crawling, walking, talking and feeding herself are all challenges. And though she can’t do any of those things independently (yet) we work on them through physio, occupational, speech and play therapy. She has therapy several times a week, sees about 6 different doctors and we have home therapy routines and goals that we work on for several hours a day. In addition to this she’s also just a kid and we have to take care of all the regular toddler-related things (meals, a nap, playtime, etc.).

There’s a lot of stress in our life and my body was starting to suffer. Poor posture, back pain, excess weight and not enough strength to lug around her heavy equipment was starting to take a toll on my quality of life.

And I realized that I needed to make getting myself healthy a priority in a major way. I needed to be strong for my daughter. But I also had to set an example.

As parents we generally expect our children to do as much as they can, be the best they can and work hard, all the while loving them unconditionally. But it dawned on me…how can I expect that of my daughter if I can’t do that myself? How can I expect her to work so hard each and every day as she attempts to take steps if I can’t even bother to devote 60 minutes a few times a week to better myself?
I know you’re probably reading this and have a whole other set of excuses about why you can’t. You are just too busy. You have to take care of the kids. You are tired. But I’m encouraging you to figure out solutions to your list of reasons NOT to take care of yourself. Make your health a priority. By doing it, you are making your family a priority and living the values you want to instill in your children.

In one short month I’ve found that taking care of myself has started to transform my life.

I’m happier (ask my husband!), less stressed out, sleeping better and fitting into clothes I couldn’t wear a month ago. I’m really excited to keep going and build a better me, so I can be a positive role model for my child.

The team at Parallel Fitness was happy to work with me to fit my needs and find a way to make fitness a part of my life. They offer discounted rates at a nearby childcare centre and have a number of classes and personal training sessions and packages that can work for just about anyone.
So what’s stopping you? I hope to see you there soon!

Anchel Krishna is a stay-at-home-mom, freelance writer and communications consultant. She blogs weekly for Today’s Parent , Canada’s top parenting magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @AnchelK .
Photo Courtesy of Dale Mann Photography