Knowledge is not enough. Proper application of knowledge leads to results.


Our Trainers aren’t only certified Personal Trainers but are kinesiologists and exercise physiologists who make continuing education a Priority. Our education includes Resistance Training Specialists, Muscle Activation Techniques and Stress-Reduced Fat Loss System.

What We Do

Our trainers do far more than create a buffet of miscellaneous exercises that will make you sweat and feel like you got a great workout.

We develop a thought process where we choose exercises that will stimulate the appropriate muscles, joint or plane of motion and continually explore new options to progress each exercise.

When each isolated joint is stable and strong, you can successfully perform multi-joint exercises such as walking, running and jumping more effectively. That is how the body achieves a higher level of health and maintains it.

“It is easier to push somebody too hard. It’s much harder to prescribe just enough exercise that you get sustainable results without breaking down your body.”


Jenny is a partner at Parallel. She began her personal training career while still studying at U of T through the accessibility services. Jenny has over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry. She has an exceptional understanding of not just physical activity, but biomechanics and human anatomy. She designs exercise regimes for her clients based on their body’s structural needs.


Weight loss, Dance

Twin mom
Recovered binge eater

Bachelor of Physical Education and Health (Kinesiology) (BPHE from University Of Toronto)
Muscle Activation Techniques Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer- CPTN


After managing Health Centres for the over 5 years, Damian along with his wife Jenny decided it was time to open their own Personal Training studio. Damian has a proven track record of success in the Health and Fitness industry. His expertise and knowledge assures professional and worthwhile service. He is passionate about health and wellness; everyday he teaches clients how to balance.

Fitness, Welding , Motorcycles

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Bachelor of Kinesiology (BKin York University)
Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer- Can-Fit Pro

Say Goodbye to those “bandaid style” exercises that burn calories at the expense of your joint health.


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