Don’t just believe us, come FEEL what exercise should really be.
Workout with us from your living room, feel energized and  experience your body as it moves better, faster and pain free.


Workouts don't need to be hard to heap results. But they do need to be specifically designed to YOUR body!

We want you to workout like YOU.


With this technique in your tool box, we won't need to guess which muscles are weak and why your efforts to rehab aren't sustainable.

MAT allows us to get to the root of why there's stiffness or pain and which muscles need to be strengthened to improve overall body alignment.


Personal Training
If you don’t know where to begin, don’t know if exercise is even good for you or you’ve (almost) given up on exercise, we’ve got you covered. We’ve worked with clients with MS, Parkinsons disease, lyme disease, stroke, surgery recovery, injury, joint replacement and arthritis among others. We meet you where you’re at and take you to the next level.

We don’t follow the rules of any protocol, we only follow the rules of YOUR body.

It’s confusing out there; from HIIT to muscle flossing (yes that’s a thing!), we don’t blame you for sometimes feeling like giving up. We’ve been around long enough to feel the same! However, we’ve learned so much through the process of trying it all and it all boils down to this one thing: Muscle. 

Whichever type of movement you choose (yoga, pilates or cross fit), what moves you are your joints and what moves your joints are your muscles. So that’s what we focus on. Muscles.

Once you learn how to flex your muscles properly, yes even those one that have been sleepy for a while due to sitting at the desk for hours on, from the good old football days or since post pregnancy (even if that was a long time ago!), you’ll be able to do whatever it is you love to do without holding back in fear of flaring up your joint pains.

Listen, the exercise journey can be hard and you don’t have to do it alone. We meet you where you’re at and you’ll never feel like you don’t know how or what to do!

What is MAT?
Like your car, your body needs tune ups. The more you race, the more your tires wear out and require more care and repair. Your body is like your car except that you don’t belong to any specific brand. You have a unique body with a unique mechanics and history. MAT is not a protocol-based therapy. We instead, offer an individualized approach to assess your muscular imbalances and address your biomechanics to specifically work towards achieving health.

As we accumulate stresses and traumas to the body throughout life, our muscular system becomes more dysfunctional and weaker. In response to such weak muscles, adjacent muscles start to become tight or tense to manage the stability of the related joints. Such tension leads to joint instability that consequently leads to pain and an increased risk of injury.

Muscular tension is thus paradoxically not the problem, but rather a symptom of muscular weakness.
The goal of MAT is to get to the root of the problem and indirectly relieve muscular tension by addressing the underlying weak or neurologically inhibited muscles.

MAT’s technique enables our specialists to identify where these muscular weaknesses are and increase the muscle’s ability to respond to stresses through manual therapy or isometric exercises.

MAT in parallel with a strategically designed exercise program that promotes strengthening of these specific muscles, will result in a more balanced muscular system. You will be able to perform more, with less consequences ie decreased joint wear. Everybody can benefit from MAT, wherever you are on the exercise continuum and whether you want to recover or prevent injuries or to enhance performance and function.
The MAT process
MAT specialists use a joint Range of Motion exam tool to find inhibited muscles. We compare range of motion of the right side to the left side and look for asymmetrical range of motion.

Once identified, muscles that are responsible for motion at that range are tested (a force is applied to see if the muscle is able to “fire” and hold a contraction) and if the muscle test fails, the bony attachments of the muscle is palpated to send information to the nervous system in order to re-establish the muscle’s neurological connection to the brain. The muscle is then tested again to check if it can “fire”.

The process is continued with all muscles associated with the limited range of motion. As those muscles become more receptive to force, the related joint becomes more stable and mobility is improved. At the end, another joint range of motion exam is done to check for improvements in range of motion.

Who is MAT for?
MAT has proven beneficial in helping people protect joints from uneven wear, recover from injuries faster, and enhance performance.

MAT helps restore muscular balance and joint stability in order for the body to function better and can thus help anyone who have developed muscular imbalances and compensations due to, well life.

How long and how often does a person need treatment?
MAT has proven beneficial in helping people protect joints from uneven wear, recover from injuries faster, and enhance performance.

MAT helps restore muscular balance and joint stability in order for the body to function better and can thus help anyone who have developed muscular imbalances and compensations due to, well life.

Who is behind MAT?
Greg Roskopf is the founder of Muscle Activation Techniques™ and he is a biomechanical consultant for various professional sports teams including: the Denver Broncos, the Utah Jazz, and the Denver Nuggets.

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30 Day Online Experience:

Want to test drive our one on one Personal Training sessions? We’ll meet you on your mat from the comfort of your home!

What you get in your 30 day Experience:

4 One-on-One Personal Training Sessions

An exercise program tailored to your preference, skills, body’s needs and limitations and your goals.

Comprehensive Assessment

We’ll take you through a Flexibility and Strength testing and a Neuromuscular Assessment to find your weakest links. You’ll see which muscles aren’t firing well and together we’ll come up with a game plan that is doable.

Progress Tracking

We track your workouts, your measurements and progress so that you can improve on a continuous basis. No plateaus.

Nutrition Support

Results start from the inside and we’ll help you build better habits and a better relationship with food to achieve your results faster. You can feel and look your best.

Exercise Plan

We got you covered when you’re not at the studio. We will create your Take Home Plan (and Travel Plan) based on time, body needs and goals and availability of space and equipment.


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