Anybody can become a personal trainer. A Personal Training Certificate can be earned with just a weekend course. It’s unwise to think that everything about how the body functions can be learned within such a short time. Unfortunately, most gyms are currently hiring trainers with just a weekend certification resulting in more horror stories similar to that of a mother losing over 50lbs but at the expense of her hip joints and who is now a candidate for hip replacement surgery.

Are you worth more than that? Certainly yes!

So, do a background check on the person you wish to hire. How many years of related education does he/she have? What type of education? Does it account for how to select exercises that are appropriate for each individual? Does it involve intensive knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics? Does it require continuous education? Is it up to date with current research?

Your body’s health is of upmost value. It deserves the best fitness can offer, and that is offered by EDUCATED Personal Trainers. So do your homework before trusting anyone with your body. Look for someone who actually cares, who educates you on your body and who overall isn’t in it just part-time while contemplating their next career path. Those who made Personal Training their career spend a lot more time and money to continually educate and develop themselves to get better at understanding their clients. Those trainers will help you achieve the goals you want, while keeping your joints healthy.