No exercise should be condemned or glorified. It is when, why, how, and with whom it is used that makes the difference. RTS

The goal of each exercise is to stimulate the muscles so that they adapt and get stronger. When the muscle is not challenged anymore, there is no stimulation to grow and get stronger. When the stimulation exceeds the tolerance of the muscle, it also doesn’t grow and get stronger. Finding that balance by listening to the body is crucial to getting results and maintaining it. There is not a one perfect exercise that is going to give you your dream body. It is a continual examination of what is appropriate for you today and for your goals. Taking into consideration your orthopedic structure, your neuromuscular integrity, your emotional level are a few of many factors to think about when engaging in physical activity.
Hiring a knowledgeable teacher or coach to educate ourselves on how to make the right choices are crucial because it is afterall our body, the only one we’ve got and the one that houses all your potential and dreams to be successful everyday.