If you’ve been following our blog, you know that our wonderful client Elizabeth Smith is doing a three months Body Transformation. We hope her story will inspire you to do it as well. If she can do it, so can you!

It’s not only about the end goal; it is very important that you enjoy the process that brings you there. Here’s Elizabeth’s feedback about a work related trip she recently took:

“Since starting on the Paleo plan, this was my first extended trip away from home.  Surprisingly, staying on track for the week wasn’t as difficult as I thought.  Every restaurant I went to was very accommodating and had no issues with substitutions.  So, for breakfast, instead of toast I had extra fruit with my eggs and for dinner I had extra veggies with my steak or chicken.  Even salads that are prepared with toppings (i.e. cheese, etc.) could be changed to eliminate the extra ingredients.  However, a prepared group lunch that I attended was a bit problematic but I opted for a smaller portion size in order to accommodate.  It’s just like going on vacation, no matter how hard you try your food and/or caloric intake is more than you would normally consume than if you were prepping a meal at home.

Working out wasn’t an issue.  I was able to get in some cardio and weight training which I’m sure helped with the additional calories consumed.  Hopefully, this hasn’t pushed me too far off track, after all you can’t avoid the temptations of the real world.  What is important is that you get back into a normal routine as soon as possible.”

Elizabeth’s dedication can be seen in her hard work. She strives for consistency everyday in her journey to changing her body and health. If you’re like Elizabeth and  you want to get healthier, make the decision to do it and stand by your choice. Whether you want to  have more energy to play with the kids, fit back into that little black dress or  recover from that injury that keeps coming back, getting in contact with someone who can guide you there is your first step. Anticipate lots of planning; staying focused on why you wanted to do this is essential to success. Don’t feel guilty if you have a cheat meal but make sure you bounce back to your routine for the next meal. Once you start seeing results and feel great, you’ll be hooked and sticking to the plan will become easier and extremely gratifying! You just have to get started because in the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.