Parallel Method in Your Home

Get a new equipment kit at your doorsteps every month. Workout with us online, feel energized, pain free and still have time to sip your coffee with a book (or get on that next zoom meeting)

Feeling a little “off” lately? 

You’re not exactly the lazy type. Rather it seems like your workouts are missing something. You’re not seeing any progress and you’re getting stiffer every meeting. By the end of the day, you’re too tired and achy to do much. You know you should exercise but the workouts you’ve tried so far are leaving you too sore and feeling worst.

Before you give up, let me tell you it’s not even your fault! Lots of workouts are designed to do one thing: get you tired (& sweaty)! They’re not designed to YOUR body, and not personalized to your muscular imbalances that’s causing all the annoying stiffness and pain. 

Trust me, I’ve spent over a decade fixing clients trapped in the industry’s keep-going-even-if-your-knees-hurt mentality. 

And I’m done with that more is more mindset.

So how about we upgrade your living room workouts with uncomplicated moves that are specifically chosen to target your hard to reach muscles to release tension, get more flexible, build strength and decrease body pain in just 30 mins, 3 times a week?

How do I plan to help you do that 

Your body leaves cues that’ll help us get to the root of your joint aches and pains. We start by a series of  range of motion movements to determine which muscles are “plugged off” and thus causing the other muscles to overwork (and therefore get a little pissed off and stiff). Yep that’s compensation.

Once we find out the culprits, we activate them ie jumpstart them or literally turn them back “ON”. Just like we need to floss before we brush our teeth to get the hard to reach spaces between. And the better the job we do, the more we stay away from the dentist (though I love my dentist). It’s like a neuromuscular rehearsal before exercising that makes your workout that much more efficient and leave your joints happy. 

3 months of online training

Whether you’re looking to get healthy, build strength or become pain free, doing the right moves in the right way and making them work for you is key- and it’s achievable in 30 mins, 3 times a week.

I’ll be guiding you throughout the whole process with workouts and teaching you how to listen to your body so that YOU can be your own guru.

I want you to Workout like YOU.


What’s included?

Small tweaks, Big results!

The secret sauce is in how you’re performing the exercise moves.

Are you thinking of just going from A to B?

Are you flexing every muscles properly?

How much is enough? How about how much resistance and reps should I do? 

Until you know how to flex the muscles properly, none of those matter as much.

So whether you’ve been exercising for a while or just looking to dip your toes into fitness, our techniques will target your specific muscles and stiff joints that limit your ability to move freely. AND I’m not just gonna show you how to do that but teach you the physics behind it all. So in 3 months, with all the workouts plus the training bundles, you’ll be like your own trainer!

That means no more frustrating “don’t know what I’m doing and if I’m even doing it right!” and no more intimidating in person gym classes. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program for?

The Parallel Method is designed to rescue you if you’re:

-unmotivated and not sure what to do at home

-uninspired by the thought of you alone on your mat in your home

-Water bottles, tomato cans aren’t doing the trick anymore

-not seeing proper progression (or results) in your workouts

-concerned that Your stiff joints aren’t getting any better

-frustrated that your aches and pains are taking over your life

-tired of hard workouts that are designed just for weight loss (at the expense of your joints)

When does this start?

Round 1 starts July 20th till Oct 20th (though it really starts once you sign up as you’ll get access to all the training bundles right away!)

If you missed it, email us to be on the wait list to be the first to know when the next Round starts (plus early sign up bonuses)

The Schedule:

One-on-One Personal Training sessions is whenever you want to schedule it. Use them to review exercise techniques or have me design your customized activation warm up routine. Your choice.

The group sessions are run twice a week on Wednesdays and Fridays at 7am.

What if I miss a class? You’ll receive the recorded workout and you can do it anytime that same day.

 All sessions are 30 min in length.


How much is the program?


The Parallel Method Program is $98 per week. 

($392 per month). Total $1176.

Can I do just one month? Not with this program. Once I know you’re committed for the full 3 months, I’m dedicated to making you and your joints the happiest.  

One-on-One sessions are available to purchase separately, starting at $65 per 30min session.



What if it's too easy (or hard) for me?

There’s nothing too easy when you’re focusing on firing muscles well!

and worried if it’s too hard? I’m happy to report that in my classes, by week 4, everyone in class is doing their own thing. Huh? you may ask? It’s because they learned how to listen to their bodies, understand where their weak areas are (which muscles to focus on) and how to adapt the exercises all on their own. And when they don’t, I’m here to help! Always watching, cueing and correcting. 

You’re in control of the workout the whole time. If you’re not tired yet, you can increase the intensity using a few of the tricks you’ll learn or decrease the tempo if you’re borderline done.


How come there's only 2 classes a week but you're saying 30mins, 3 times a week?

Good math skills;) The program is designed on purpose so that in 3 months you’ll know a LOT more about your body and exercises that you’ll be able to mix and match workouts more intuitively. So you won’t need me. Unless of course, you want to continue!

So you get to workout twice with me and once on your own to PRACTICE. Because I’ve been told it’s harder when I’m not there, so I’m creating the space for you to do that while you still have me available for questions and troubleshooting.


How do I know if this program will work for my level of joint pain?

Acute pains are not ideal for group workouts. Rather you would need one on one attention until we’ve managed your pain better, at which point you’d be fit to join another round.

For this program, workouts are designed for the chronic aches and pains that kinda linger in the background, for the morning stiffness crew or the can’t sit/stand too long crew.

If you’re still unsure, let’s jump on a 15 min no commitment session to figure it out 🙂


Who's your trainer?

It’s me, Jen Kong. Daughter, sister, wife, twin mom, friend, trainer, coach, confidente for many and owner of Parallel Fitness Studio.

You’d like to know that I’ve been skeptic approved. That’s probably cos I’ve seen it all since my Kinesiology days at University of Toronto where I started training clients and was quick to find out that what I was learning on paper wasn’t making sense in REAL Life, with REAL people. This led me to a life long studying the art & science of Resistance Training and Muscle Activation Techniques which allowed me to actually have impact on my clients health. 

Fun fact, if you’re still skeptic: I’ve had the honour to  use my Muscle Activation Techniques on Phil Collen, guitarist of DEF LEPPARD backstage before his concert in Toronto. Yep! Me! Rockstars don’t just use random trainers 😉


"You can't "YOUTUBE" these workouts! I'm just glad I finally found a coach who actually cares and made exercise not only do-able for me but fun! My hip pain is gone and I'm able to resume my daily walks with the family" Frank L.

Frank L.

""I hurt my back in 2017 and was in a lot of pain and couldn't walk well for 6 months. Then I found Jen and immediately noticed a huge improvement. For the first time in 2 years i was able to squat and work out regularly. Her expertise and exercises made a huge difference in my life"

Gaby M.

"Jen's expertise is knowing when to change exercises to work muscle groups in different ways to prevent injury or re-injury by building other, often smaller muscles. Training sessions are fast paced and intense. Results for me- increased range of motion, lower BMI, less pain, increased strength and endurance and being motivated to keep at it"

Dean Z.

"I turned to Jen as I was experiencing lingering aches and pains after exercises and workouts. She's pleasant, witty, with an abundance of patience. I have learned to re educate and fully utilize any smaller muscles instead of overusing the big muscles. My brain and body is once again reconnected and as a result, diminishing pain with an added benefit of improved posture. I feel there is a dash of zen element in it as I am more in tune with my inner self. I walk in with aches and pains. And I come out fully energized and rejuvenated. Thanks Jen!"

Winnie N.

"I don't trust anyone else when it comes to exercise. When I can't do something, Jen doesn't think I'm being too lazy and instead takes the time to figure out what's wrong or find an alternate exercise that works better for my body. I recommend her for sure!"

Lara R.

"Jen used to freak me out every time she would do her thing and see that I wasn't using the muscles properly. She's always calling out my cheats and that has allowed me to see my workouts differently. I no longer kill myself at the gym only to spend days in bed in pain!"

Wendy M.

"I used to leave my bootcamp classes feeling too sore to move for the next week! I thought that was normal & necessary until my doc told me I was developing arthritis! Jen's approach enabled me to not only get stronger but manage my joints much more efficiently!"

Angela L.


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