Our trainers have taken the RTS® course and have developed a unique style of training that focuses on adapting the laws of physics to the body to give you more than just a workout, but an experience. You will get to know your body better, learn to feel your muscles at work and become inline with your own health.

RTS® allows trainers to understand what resistance really is to be able to recognize how each exercise affects muscles and how we can manipulate various factors to create a steady progression that is safe for your joints. We primarily focus on maintaining joint stability that leads to the slowing down or prevention of arthritic conditions that affect the population at large due to overuse and aging. The stability and congruency of your joints, determines how well your body can move and function. Joint Health is the New Standard for Health.

Our trainers do far more than create a buffet of miscellaneous exercises that will make you sweat and feel like you got a great workout. We develop a thought process where we choose exercises that will stimulate the appropriate muscles, joint or plane of motion and continually explore new options to progress each exercise. When each isolated joint is stable and strong, you can successfully perform multi-joint exercises such as walking, running and jumping more effectively. That is how the body achieves a higher level of health and maintains it.