Your body is talking to you, are you listening?


Our body is constantly giving us signals but are you paying attention?

What can start as a whisper would soon become a big yell and it won’t stop until we deal with the actual issue, not just the symptom.

At a workshop I attended recently, the Chiropractor used this great analogy to explain the logic of dealing with the actual issue: if your baby is crying, would you just shut the baby up or try to figure out why he/she is crying? makes sense, right? 🙂

So whether you’re in denial and would rather eat a box of chocolate or get on another Netflix binge, whether you’d rather just numb it out and have a few glasses of wine or whether you want to drown it away with tubs of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies, sooner or later, you’d have to deal with the consequences. Deal with them faster before the consequences become bigger. The cookies, wine and TV do work of course, but only temporarily…They’re just band-aids.

So how does our bodies talk to us?

Let’s start with physical signs…Aches, discomfort, pressures, heaviness, fatigue, tension, pain, weakness or pleasure, lightness, refreshed…Our bodies are always giving us feedback and they are rarely random and without purpose. So when you’re engaging in an activity, listen to your body and see if you’re feeling something pleasant or not, and then tune in again later. There’s just a fine line between exercise being good and beneficial and exercise being not so good, even destructive. Always listen to your body, for instance when you feel sick, it will take less to challenge the body and doing too much would delay your body’s ability to heal. Give it what it needs because our body knows (probably better than we think we might know too!)

Our bodies are also giving us signals when we eat. In our rushed society, we usually eat on the go or in between clients and meetings and that keeps us disconnected from how our bodies could be feeling after eating certain foods. If you’re feeling sluggish, heavy and lethargic but you’ve had a good night’s sleep, try tuning in to see how food makes you feel right away and then again later. Some foods like sugar and caffeine gives us an immediate boost but a dip later on as their effect wears off. Some foods don’t agree with our stomach but we miss the signals if we are on a processed diets most of the time. Some exercises do the same, giving you that energy boost from moving and feeling good but leaving you more tired throughout the rest of the day.

So next time, Stop, become curious and listen up. Allow yourself to fully experience whatever the feelings are and don’t run away!! Tune in and take care of yourself. Do what your body us telling you to…and do it on time, because that also matters. That’s when a whole new level of health begins…

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